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single shaft shredder shredding device machine

CM Shredder in Sarasota, Florida, says its new test lab and equipment will be equipped with a range of single-axis and two-axis shredder systems on its production line.

"The new test lab and research and development facilities are an exciting new milestone in our company's long-standing drive for technology and innovation, and the latest step in our business expansion that goes beyond our traditional tire crushing and tire recycling equipment," said Charles Astafan, general manager of CMers. "

The plant will develop and deliver new products and processes and help CM customers take a "proactive approach" to the challenges of the production environment.

"We will work closely with key suppliers and other industry experts to proactively find solutions to help our customers improve and optimize their current businesses," Astafan said. "

A key focus of the new facility will be to provide application support in the area of "hard or foreign materials" that traditionally poses challenges to equipment and operators in reducing size applications.

Martin Berardi, CEO of BengalI Machines, explains: "Dedicated application engineers will work with customers from all walks of life to solve their very specific problems. This will also give our customers the opportunity to participate in live demonstrations to help them better understand processes, capabilities, and to see first-hand the quality of CM shredder system delivery. "

Buy single shaft shredding machine

CM Shredders was acquired by BengalI Machines and its sister company, New York-based manufacturer Schutte Hammermill, which has developed a wide range of hammer crushers, crushers, crushers and shredders that provide consistent and accurate granularity.

"Our company has entered an ideal position to be a supplier of down-down equipment that meets almost all market needs," said Christopher Berardi, President and General Manager of Schutte Hammermill. "

With more than 125 years of commercial history, CM Shredder and Schutte Hammermill are excited to join forces under the banner of The Bengal machine to deliver a complete, comprehensive solution covering all market segments.

Metso, the maker of garbage crushing and recycling equipment, will showcase a range of pre-crushing and fine-shattering devices, as well as services designed to help customers improve operational efficiency, at the Waste Expo 2019 in Las Vegas from May 6 to 9.

Metso's experts will advise at the conference on the selection of the most appropriate equipment for different types of waste recovery needs to ensure optimum process efficiency, sustainability and reliability.

"Waste Fairs are an ideal platform for us to meet with existing and potential customers, and we can discuss their business needs with them and how Merjou can help them," said Lou Martins, met with current and potential customers at Metco North America. "

The new pre-shredder expands the range.
Mijou's M.J. pre-crushing technology is based on a powerful tool design and an open cutting table. It is said that this facilitates the customer to find a powerful high-capacity shredder for continuous use, even at high operating speeds and hard abrasives.

Low price single shaft shredder

Attendees will be able to see the crawler on the Metso M.J. PreShred 4000 mobile device. The 4000 Series is the most popular pre-shredder in the Metsco portfolio. It has long-term market success experience in different industries and can meet the special needs of all kinds of incoming materials.

Mijou is expanding its range of waste recycling products to launch the new Mijoo M and J k series pre-shredders. The first two models will be the M.J. K160 and the M.J. K210. The new competitive model provides the flexibility and characteristics of low cost per ton of high reliability, ease of operation and various waste types, especially on-site optimization for 5-45 ton/hour production requirements.

Brightmark plans and builds plants for the recycling industry. The new "plastic fuel" plant will convert all kinds of plastic waste into fuel. The Vecoplan Group received millions of euros worth of orders from Brightmark to provide the necessary technology for the processing of input materials, including powerful shredders and shredders.

Jay Schabel, head of plastics at Brightmark Energy, said: "We've conducted an in-depth survey of the relevant suppliers in the market - it was Vecoplan that convinced us. We are confident that we have chosen the best supplier for this task. Now we look forward to the successful installation of the system. "

The new plant, which is expected to start production in the summer of 2020, will produce about 68m litres of diesel and petroleum fuel a year, plus just under 23m litres of paraffin, all from about 100,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste. Inputs include materials of low quality, such as recycling of surplus waste and production waste at the plant.

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