Compacting and pelletizing system

KCP Compacting and pelletizing system


Washed plastic film as well as post-industrial plastic waste in the form of rolls, cut-offs, bags, scraps, foam could be recycled in the KCP series compacting and pelletizing system. Will get high quality and uniform size final granules which could be reused back into the plastic products making line.

The KCP series compacting and pelletizing system combines function of compacting, extrusion and pelletizing into one step. It provides best solution for PP/PE film, raffia, filament, bag, woven bag, nonwoven fabric and EPS foam materials recycling.


Efficient feeding

The material of belt convey is PVC.

Roll hauling off device is an optional feeding method to handle roll's scraps.

ABB inverter is equipped.

Feeding speed is automatically based on how full the compactor's room is.

Mental detector can be optional equipped to remove metal in raw material.

Roll hauling off device is an optional feeding method to handle rolls' scraps.

PE film compacting and pelletizing line

Compacting and extrusion unit


Compactor makes material crushed, dried and compacted in one step, which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder.

The rotatory blades will cut the material. Frictional heating caused by high speed rotatory blades will heat and make material shriking. Guide structure with special design compacts the material and directs it into extruder screw.

Specialized single screw extruder

34D or 36D processing section of extruder ensures perfect plasticization.

With double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles and moisture will be removed efficiency.

Precise temperature control system.

PP bags pelletizing line

Advanced melt filtration

 With larger filtering area, suitable for dealing with a wide variety of polymers.

  • Perfect sealing effect.

  • Standard screen dimentions ranges from 80 to 250mm.Or can be customized for special size.

  • Designed with protection cover,for safe operation and pleased appearance.

PP fiber pelletizing line

Special pelletizing system

Die face water ring pelletizing system adopt pneumatic device make blades well touching on the die face. Cutting speed controlled by PLC automatically according to the melt pressure to get uniform granules.

PE film compacting and pelletizing line

Effective drying system

Vibration dryer

Founction: Removing the moisture of the pellets surface. Selecting the uniform size pellets.

PP bags pelletizing line

Centrifugal dryer

Removing the moisture of the pellets.  

PP fiber pelletizing line

Control unit

All electrical units mounted in asteel cabinet.

Adopt siemens PLC with intelligence control HMI, one button to start-up and one button to stop whole system.

Safety interlock principle applied in the system.

All electrical units: Schneider, Siemens, ABB and LS.

PE film compacting and pelletizing line

Final product

Uniform size pellet, round shape with diameter: 3~5mm.

PP bags pelletizing line



Compactor volume

Compactor Motor power

Diameter of screw


Screw extruder motor power

Output capacity

KCP 80

300 L

37 KW

80 mm


45/55 KW

160-220 kg/h

KCP 100

500 L

55 KW

100 mm 


90/110 KW

300-380 kg/h

KCP 120

800 L

90 KW

120 mm 


132 KW

450-480 kg/h

KCP 140

1000 L

110 KW

140 mm


160/185 KW

500-650 kg/h

KCP 160

1200 L

132 KW

160 mm


220/250 KW

800-1000 kg/h

KCP 180

1400 L

160 KW

180 mm


315 KW

1000-1200 kg/h

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